Solution offers embedded Internetworking designers significant cost efficiencies

Jacksonville, FL – September 25, 2006 – CMX Systems, well-known designer of real-time operating systems, TCP/IP stacks, Flash File Systems and USB stacks, announced today the availability of free USB software for Freescale's MCF5222x family of ColdFire® microcontrollers. The newly introduced MCF5222x family of controllers enables embedded design engineers to take advantage of cost effective 32-bit processing and realize fast, re-programmable embedded system designs using off-the-shelf microcontrollers.

Chuck Behrmann, president and CEO of CMX, said, “We are very pleased to offer embedded designers free USB embedded software supporting this newly introduced, exciting processor series. We feel that this combination of Freescale processors and CMX software provides developers with an elegant and cost-efficient solution for their designs.”

“Embedded software, such as the CMX-USB stack, demonstrates how well the ColdFire MCF5222x controller family works with leading-edge USB software systems,” said Renee Mitchell, operations manager for Freescale's Consumer and Industrial Microcontroller Operation. “By using CMX-USB software with the highly efficient MCF5222x devices, which include an integrated USB host and On-The-Go (OTG) controller, developers can easily build applications requiring device or host connectivity functionality.”

The free CMX-USB MCF5222x firmware package gets developers effortlessly to the point where they have a functional USB host and device. The host part of the package enables the user to attach a mass storage device such as a flash drive. The HID class implementation allows the user to attach a joystick, mouse or keyboard, and to process and respond to their inputs. The device part of the package enables the user to simulate a PC communications port, either using a physical serial port of the MCF5222x or using a virtual API in the embedded application. The package can also be used for the target to appear as a standard mouse or keyboard to a host PC. Also provided with the package is an OTG implementation, which allows the connection of both USB host and device. The OTG firmware automatically detects what is connected and decides whether to start the USB host or USB device application. The whole package is provided in source form and is tested and verified on the Freescale MCF5222x Development Board using both Freescale's CodeWarrior® and GNU tools sets.

Additional USB, Flash File Systems, TCP/IP stacks and RTOS products from CMX Systems that will enhance the free CMX-USB stack for the MCF5222x family include the following: CMX-RTX is a truly preemptive, multi-tasking RTOS supporting all ColdFire controllers. This "lean and mean" RTOS offers the smallest footprint, the fastest context switching times, and the lowest interrupt latency times available on the market today.

CMX-USB-HostLite is a highly optimized USB host stack designed for microcontrollers with integrated USB host controllers. Designed as a small footprint, efficient driver handling a single device at any time, it can be ported to almost any USB host device. The CMX-USB-HostLite package is fully compatible with CMX host class drivers for mass storage, CDC, HID and the forthcoming PrinterLite. CMX-USB- HostLite mass storage is fully compatible CMX-FFS-FAT.

CMX-USB-BS is a device stack and is supplied with an HID-class implementation for supporting Human Interface Devices. Additional add-on options include: a flash bootloader, a full USB mass storage- class with optimized drivers for accessing MMC/SD cards or other devices, a CDC-class implementation for supporting standard communications ports and an embedded pipe for interfacing a USB device with a host application. The USB mass storage implementation is fully compatible with CMX-FFS-THIN and CMX-FFS-FAT file systems, and complete projects with FAT file system and mass storage can be provided for particular platforms.

CMX-FFS-FAT is a full-featured file system for embedded systems developers who wish to add devices to their products that require FAT12/16/32 compliant media to be attached to them and includes long filenames, multiple volumes, and the following drivers: Compact Flash (True IDE and Memory I/O), MMC/SD (SPI S/W or H/W) and RAM. Additional drivers for CMX-FFS-FAT include Simple Flash Translation Layer for NAND Devices and Flash Translation Layer for NAND Devices.

CMX-MicroNet is a TCP/IP stack specially crafted to work with virtually all processors, with an extremely small ROM requirement ranging from 5K to 24K (depending on configuration and processor) and very minimal RAM requirements of about 500 bytes plus buffers for packets. The base CMX-MicroNet software package currently includes UDP, TCP, IP, Modem, SLIP, ICMP Echo, IGMP, and Virtual File. Current add-on options include: HTTP Web Server, DNS Client, FTP, SMTP, SNMP, PPP, Ethernet (ARP, BOOTP), Wireless Ethernet, DHCP Client, and TFTP Client. The CMX-MicroNet stack can work with or without an RTOS.

CMX-TCP/IP is a full-featured, 100% RFC compliant, TCP/IP stack. CMX-TCP/IP provides virtually all of the protocols, link layers, interfaces, and device drivers that are required for most networking connectivity applications. The basic CMX-TCP/IP stack provides: UDP, TCP, IP, ICMP, IGMP, DNS, ARP, SLIP, Ethernet, an RTOS porting layer, a standard BSD socket interface and a high-performance socket interface. Add on options include: DHCP, IMAP4, FTP, NAT, POP3, PPP, PPPoE, SMTP, SNMP, Telnet Server, TFTP/BOOTP, Web Client and Web Server. The CMX-TCP/IP stack can work with or without an RTOS.

About CMX Systems, Inc.:

Since its inception in 1990, CMX Systems has focused on providing its customers with all of the tools needed to program their embedded applications. The company's core business is to develop and support real-time, multi­tasking operating systems (RTOS), TCP/IP stacks, Flash File Systems, and the CANopen protocol for a wide variety of 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcomputers, microprocessors, and digital signal processors. The company's CMX-RTX, CMX-RTXS, and CMX-Tiny+ real-time multi-tasking operating systems support more than 50 processor families and over 30 C-compiler vendors. CMX also develops and supports products that enhance the user's ability to create, test and debug application code, including CMXKAware, CMXBug, and CMXTracker. CMX also offers the tiny CMX-MicroNet, which is a unique TCP/IP stack that is targeted for 8-, 16-, 32-bit and DSP processors with limited ROM and/or RAM and CMX-TCP/IP, a full-featured TCP/IP stack designed for 16-, 32-bit and DSP processors. CMX additionally offers four different Flash File Systems and USB products. For more information, please visit CMX Systems' website at


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