CMX-RTX and CMX-RTXS support for Tasking VX Tools

Jacksonville, FL - September 20, 2010 - CMX Systems, well-known designer of real-time operating systems, TCP/IP stacks, Flash File Systems and USB software offers its widely deployed CMX-RTX™ and CMX-RTXS™ real time operating systems the small footprint CMX-MicroNet™ TCP/IP stack and CMX-FFS™ file systems for projects which employ the Tasking VX-toolset for C166/ST10. Previously, just the Tasking “Classic” toolset was supported.

CMX-RTX is a truly preemptive, multi-tasking RTOS supporting all Infineon C166 and C166S V2 (XC166, XE166, XC2xxx) processors as well as the ST Microelectronics ST10 family. CMX-RTX offers a small footprint, fast context switching times, and very low interrupt latency times. RTOS functionality provided in CMX-RTX includes: task management, message management, queue management, system management, event management, memory management, resource management, semaphore management and timer management.

The CMX-RTXS multitasking RTOS is a customized version of the popular CMX-RTX that has been created to take advantage of C166, C166S V2 and ST10 processors. CMX-RTXS takes full advantage of these processors by utilizing the register bank switching scheme normally used for interrupts and applying the same concept to tasks (a task can be considered to be a piece of code that performs a specific job, but not at the interrupt level).

These processors have the ability to use many register bank groups with each containing a full set of 16 registers that are 16 bits wide. The actual number of register groups varies depending upon the specific chip that a user has selected. This allows CMX-RTXS to support a total combination of up to 48 tasks and interrupts ( you may have up to 4 interrupts with the same interrupt level using the same “register bank group” if so desired). Also, if so enabled, each task can have its own “system stack” area, thereby further reducing the context switch time needed.

CMX-MicroNet is a TCP/IP stack specially crafted to work with virtually all processors and features an extremely small Flash requirement ranging from 5K to 28K and very minimal RAM requirements of about 500 bytes plus buffers for packets. The base CMX-MicroNet software package includes UDP, TCP, IP, Modem, SLIP, ICMP Echo, IGMP, and Virtual File system. Add-On Options available are: SSL/TLS, HTTP Web Server, DNS Client, FTP, SMTP, SNMP, DHCP Client, TFTP Client, SNTP, Fragmentation, POP3, PPP, CHAP, Telnet, Ethernet (ARP, BOOTP) and Wireless.

CMX also offers a variety of Flash File Systems, including; CMX-FFS-FAT™, a FAT 12/16/32 compatible file system supporting standard media; CMX-FFS-SAFE-FAT™, a FAT compatible file system with Failsafe; CMX-FFS-THIN™, a scalable, reduced footprint FAT file system designed for integration with 8-bit or 16-bit embedded processors with limited resources; CMX-FFS™, a 100% Failsafe flash file system and CMX-FFS-TINY™, a limited resource failsafe file system available in configurations for RAM, Small Sector Byte Writeable Flash, Atmel DataFlash and ST Serial Flash for Data.

About CMX Systems, Inc.:

Since its inception in 1990, CMX Systems has focused on providing its customers with all of the tools needed to program their embedded applications. The company’s core business is to develop and support real-time, multi-tasking operating systems (RTOS), TCP/IP stacks, Flash File Systems, USB stacks and the CANopen stack for a wide variety of 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcomputers, microprocessors, and digital signal processors. The company’s RTOSes support more than 50 processor families and over 30 C-compiler vendors. CMX also offers the tiny CMX-MicroNet, which is a unique TCP/IP stack that is targeted for 8-, 16-, 32-bit and DSP processors with limited ROM and/or RAM, and CMX TCP/IP, a full-featured TCP/IP stack designed for 16-, 32-bit and DSP processors. CMX additionally offers five different Flash File Systems to best meet the memory management needs of embedded developers. CMX-USB is offered for designers wishing to add USB connectivity to their products. For more information, please visit CMX Systems’ website at

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