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CMX is a distributor of the following compiler vendors:
(Listed in alphabetical order)
IAR Systems
KEIL Software

Atollic Software Development Tools

Atollic provides highly integrated software development tools supporting ARM9 and Cortex-M3 devices for the global embedded systems market. Atollic cooperates with many of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers and have many other partners in related fields. The company’s products are distributed world-wide via an extensive international distributor network. Atollic also offers expert software development services, primarily in the Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Industrial and Consumer markets.

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Cosmic Software C Compilers

Cosmic Software provides C Compilers, debuggers and simulators for microcontroller based systems. Cosmic tools support Freescale's HC08/HCS08, 68HC11, HC12/HCS12, S12X/XGATE, 68HC16, 68300/68K, 56800/E Hybrid, Infineon`s C166/XC166 and STMicroelectronics' ST7, ST10/Super10, STM8S.

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IAR Systems C/Embedded C++ Compilers

IAR Systems offers an Integrated Development Environment with C/Embedded C++ Compilers and Debuggers for many 8-16-32 bit architectures such as ARM, Atmel AVR, TI MSP430, Intel 80x51, 80196/296, Freescale 68HC11/12/16, ZiLOG Z80/180/eZ80, Renesas (formerly Hitachi) H8/300, H8/300L, H8/300H, H8S, SH, Renesas V850, K0, K4, Renesas (formerly Mitsubishi) 7700, 740, M16C, M32C, Microchip PIC18, PIC24, dsPIC30, dsPIC33, National CR16/CR16C, Toshiba TLCS-900 and others.

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KEIL Software C Compilers

KEIL Software Compilers and Simulators support ARM7/ARM9/Cortex-M3, 8051 and all derivatives, Intel 80251 family, Infineon 80C166 family and STMicroelectronics ST-10 family.

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