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Prism offers developers of embedded graphical user interfaces (GUIs) a proven software solution for creating complex, high-color depth embedded graphic applications. Prism fits well in a broad range of embedded devices including automotive, consumer electronics, infotainment and medical devices.


Prism enables the design of sophisticated embedded user interfaces by natively rich animations, screens transitions, alpha blending, anti-aliasing, and canvas transformations that are key features demanded by interactive devices such as navigation systems, cell phones, gaming systems and medical electronics. Prism accelerates product delivery by providing industry leading development tools such as the Prism Insight screen designer and resource editor. Development is further accelerated by enabling development on a Windows or Linux/X11 platform, all while insuring 100% portability to the final hardware target and operating system.

Key features include unlimited canvases (hardware accelerated when supported), per-pixel and per-canvas alpha blending, bitmap rotation and scaling, screen transitions, text rotation and complete anti-aliasing of all drawing primitives. In addition, Prism provides run-time selection of themes to allow end-users to tailor their experience. Prism supports a wide range of color depths up to 32 bits-per-pixel (bpp), while Prism Micro supports color depths up to 256 colors.

Prism includes a broad set of basic control types such as buttons, text gadgets, animations, menus, sliders and bitmap display objects. All of these display widgets can be fully customized, both at compile time and at runtime. Prism also offers advanced classes such as treeview, spreadsheet and tag control panels. Prism also provides integrated support for dynamic screen rotation, enabling seamless rotation of handheld devices.

Prism Micro

Prism Micro is a variation of the Prism Runtime Framework designed to meet the requirements of cost-constrained and limited color depth targets. Prism Micro is very small with exceptionally low overhead, and easily ported to virtually any hardware configuration capable of supporting graphical output. Prism Micro delivers excellent visual appeal and shares the Prism API that allows complete customization of the graphical appearance.

Prism Micro can also easily run standalone or with a custom RTOS solution and can even execute within a DOS real-mode environment. The Prism Insight design tool and resource editor is included with every Prism Micro package, and simplifies the job of incorporating high-color-depth graphics within low-color depth display devices. Advance dithering technologies, optimal palette generation, and grayscale anti-aliasing are a few of the features that put Prism Micro above all others on color-depth limited displays.

Prism Micro is delivered with full source code, a large set of example programs, and hardware interface support for a broad array of popular target systems. Prism Micro will run "out of the box" on nearly any embedded system, while thorough documentation and support insure you are up and running on your embedded target quickly.

CMX Systems is an authorized distributor of Prism and Prism Micro graphics software. CMX software is fully integrated with Prism Graphics software developed by Blue Water Embedded, Inc., provider of the leading graphics development software for high-performance user interfaces in embedded devices.

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