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CMX-FFS is the standard edition flash file system for embedded systems developers and includes 100% Failsafe, Multiple volumes, Wear-leveling, Directories, Boot sector support, and Standard drivers for NOR Flash chips as well as RAM. CMX-FFS-NAND is a NAND Flash driver that also can be purchased with CMX-FFS and includes 100% Failsafe, Wear-leveling, and ECC algorithm.

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CMX-FFS-TINY is specifically designed for certain characteristics in the flash being used. In this way it is possible to get efficient, fail-safe flash on devices with minimal resources.
CMX-FFS-TINY-BW This system is for use with any flash devices with small erasable sectors (typically <4K) and in which data can be written in either byte or word units. Typical devices include MSP430 internal flash, SST serial flash and many more.
CMX-FFS-TINY-ST This system is for use with ST serial flash for data.
CMX-FFS-TINY-DF This system is for use with Atmel DataFlash.
CMX-FFS-TINY-RAM This system is for use as a RAM Drive.

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CMX-FFS-FAT is a full-featured file system for embedded systems developers who wish to add devices to their products that require FAT12/16/32 compliant media to be attached to them and includes Long filenames, Multiple Volumes, and the following Drivers: Compact Flash (True IDE and Memory I/O), MMC/SD (SPI S/W or H/W) and RAM.

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CMX-FFS-SAFE-FAT is a full featured FAT12/16/32 compatible file system offering the same capabilities as CMX-FFS-FAT with the addition of safety from unexpected resets.


CMX-FAT-BL Reliable Bootloader provides the ability to update your product from an SD card of other similar media types. CMX-FAT-BL is installed as a permanent bootstub and, based on the developers' design, CMX-FAT-BL can automatically check the SD or other media card for a new image and upload it to the target.

CMX-FFS-THIN is a scalable, reduced footprint file system designed for integration with 8-bit or 16-bit embedded processors with limited resources and includes FAT 12/16/32, Long file names, and the following Drivers: Compact Flash (True IDE and Memory I/O), MMC/SD (SPI S/W or H/W) and RAM.

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