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CMX-TCP/IP Processors Supported

If you don't see the compiler or processor you are looking for, contact us.

Processor family
Compilers Supported

80x86 Borland, Microsoft, Paradigm, Watcom, GNU

ARM7/ARM9 (Atmel, NXP, ST, Freescale and others) GNU, IAR, Keil Realview


Cortex-M3 (NXP, ST, TI/Luminary Micro and others) IAR, Keil Realview

Cortex-M4 (Freescale, NXP, ST, TI and others) IAR, Keil Realview

Power Architecture Technology GNU, Codewarrior, Diab Data

Freescale 68K, CPU32 GNU

Freescale ColdFire Codewarrior, TASKING

Infineon 80C16x, C166S V2 Keil, TASKING

Renesas H8/300H, H8S IAR, Renesas

Renesas M16C, M32C Renesas

Renesas RX600 IAR, Renesas

STMicroelectronics ST10, Super10 Keil, TASKING

Texas Instruments C54x Texas Instruments


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