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Embedded systems engineers have long desired the ability to view their programming applications running under an RTOS via their debuggers. To meet this important need, CMX has developed CMXKAware, which integrates seamlessly with a number of the embedded software industry's leading development tool environments. The result is a dramatically enhanced debugging capability that helps to minimize application development time, thereby reducing time to market for companies that manufacture products that include embedded systems.

CMXKAware is a DLL or ORTI (OSEK Run Time Interface) that presents all of the RTOS-specific information on the screen. CMXKAware allows you to display CMX-RTX's internal data structures in a convenient series of lists in the RTOS window of the debugger. This provides you with information about each of the active tasks in the target application, about each semaphore, resources, mailbox, queue and event flag group along with a list of all the tasks waiting on these kernel objects, and more. Data can be displayed graphically in real-time.

The OSEK Run Time Interface (ORTI) for CMXKAware is a universal interface for development tools to the CMX-RTX RTOS. This powerful and flexible interface allows for the evaluation and display of information about CMX-RTX, its state, its performance, the different task states, the different operating system objects etc. The object information is provided via an ASCII text file and since these implementations are configured statically, this data will be available at compilation. Additionally, the ORTI file contains dynamic information as a set of attributes that are represented by formulas to access corresponding dynamic values. Formulas for dynamic data access are comprised of constants, operations, and symbolic names within the target file. By performing a continuous scan of the internal data structures described in the ORTI file, debugging tools can extract and display critical kernel-relative information, such as task states and event traces for the last four RTOS calls in the application under test. Further, the CMXKAware ORTI Builder (see graphic below) automates the creation of ORTI files adapted to the CMX-RTX RTOS for debugging purposes, thereby allowing embedded engineers to focus their efforts exclusively on debugging their application.

Since the DLL or ORTI utilizes the kernel aware API no target resources are used. Most debuggers are supported. Please contact CMX for a complete list of supported platforms.

Click here to see screenshots from the Keil ARM tools

Click here to see screenshots from the IAR tools

CMX-KAware ORTI Builder


Debugger displays with CMXKAware

The screen shots below illustrate an debugger displaying an OSEK ORTI file generated by the CMXKAware ORTI builder. As you can see, ALL aspects of the RTOS can be seen and viewed. Also, if enabled by the user, CMXKAware offers the ability to display the last four RTOS calls, which can be a powerful 'trace' capability for debugging.



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