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Real Time Developer Studio is the first commercial off the shelf tool based on SDL-RT and UML languages SDL-RT is the real time extension to well-known language SDL from ITU used for years in the telecommunication industry to specify protocols. It introduces the missing concepts in SDL such as semaphores and embedded C language to fit the real time developer needs keeping the original languages benefits. SDL-RT V2.0 introduces UML class diagram and UML deployment diagram with specialized SDL symbols. Both languages perfectly complete each other to offer a consistent description of any embedded system.

The architecture of the software is represented graphically: a task has its own graphical symbol, tasks can be gathered in functionnal blocks, blocks can be gathered in higher level blocks until the highest architecture level called the system. Task behavior is based on a graphical finite state machine where each RTOS service has its own graphical representation: state, message, timer, semaphore, procedure, ifdef, decision... When it comes to the detailed instructions, code is written in C or C++.

SDL task behavior

Blocks and tasks graphical representation are object oriented allowing to build libraries of real time components. The relation between the different components is shown graphically with the UML class diagram.

UML class diagram


Real Time Developer Studio main objective is to support SDL-RT and UML in an easy and pragmatic way. The tool is organized in four main parts that are fully integrated together:

  • Project manager
    The Project manager is the hub of the tool. It gathers all the files part of the project, makes the link with the editors, generates the code, and starts the graphical debugger.
  • Editors
    SDL and UML editors are easy to use and intuitive. They include all can be expected of such editors such as : copy/paste, unlimited undo/redo, automatic symbol insertion, syntactic and semantic verification, and on-the-fly syntax explanations.
  • Code generator
    Full customizable code generation is available out of an SDL description. Adaptations to RTOS such as CMX are available and supported. C++ skeletons are generated out of the UML class diagram.
  • Graphical debugger
    Breakpoints can be set in the SDL diagrams and live MSC traces can be obtained when debugging on target with third party cross debuggers such as Tasking CrossView Pro. The graphical link is never lost.

Real Time Developer Studio also includes an html documentation generator, a test generator, and can check a system is conform to its requirements.

Major benefits are:

  • Standard object oriented graphical representation
    Because using graphical representation is about communicating with the other members of the team, with a customer, or a sub-contractor; the graphical representation is standard and precise enough to avoid ambiguity.
    Since very few projects start from scratch, re-usability is a top priority feature in order to integrate legacy code and to write re-usable components.
  • From specification to target
    The development process from specification and design down to integration on target does not suffer from gaps or inconsistency. Specification is up to date with the design to ease round trip engineering.
  • Self documented and legible code
    Software documentation is up to date from high level specification to final code and is available to the whole organisation.
  • Keep control
    When it comes to design, the real time designer keeps control of what the tool does and how, because embedded software is often an optimisation problem.
  • Ease testing
    The test environment is automatically set up, and whatever the type of testing, documentation is easy to produce.
  • Integration with third party tools
    The development environment is open to access all third party tools needed at some point during the development process.
  • Secure your investment
    Nowadays, nobody has the time to verify all aspects of investing in a tool or a technology and history has shown even buying from the market leaders might lead to a disaster. Still, a number of items can be checked prior to decision making to secure the investment:
    • Real Time Developer Studio is among the cheapest tool on the market,
    • It requires minimal training,
    • There is no hidden cost because our business model is 100% product based,
    • It is always possible to step back without losing what has been done.


CMX Systems is a distributor of Real Time Developer Studio

Call, fax, or e-mail us with any additional questions that you may have.

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