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USB Host Bootloader

CMX-USBH-BL Host Bootloader provides the ability to update your product from a flash drive. With a footprint of less than 12K for code and under 2K RAM, the Host Bootloader is installed as a permanent bootstub and based on the developers’ design, CMX-USBH-BL can automatically check the flash drive for a new image and upload it to the target.

USB Device Bootloader

The CMX-USB-BL Device Bootloader is a standalone system which allows an application to download new application code to the target. Using the developers’ trigger mechanism, the Bootloader accepts a new image from a host and programs it into the device. The footprint of the CMX-USB-BL is less than 4k bytes and can be held as a permanent, reliable boot-stub on a single small sector flash which handles all future firmware upgrades.

Host developer options for the download program include:

   1. Complementary sample application that works with the freely available libusb.

   2. Ability to use generic USB host interface such as Winusb from Microsoft.

FAT Bootloader

The CMX-FAT-BL is installed as a permanent bootstub on a target processor and based on the developer’s trigger mechanism CMX-FAT-BL will check the system’s media, such as SD/ MMC card, for a new code image to be programmed into the target. CMX-FAT-BL requires less than 4K code and less than 1K RAM on an ARM7 device.

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