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CMX-USB Host stacks (OHCI, EHCI and non-compliant) are designed for processors with both integrated USB host controllers and external USB host controllers. The CMX-USB Host package offers Class drivers for Mass Storage, CDC, HID, Audio, MIDI, FTDI, Hub, OBEX, ECM, RNDIS, MTP, Printer and a Bootloader. CMX-USB Host Mass Storage is fully compatible with CMX-FFS-THIN, CMX-FFS-FAT, and CMX-FFS-SAFE-FAT File Systems and will work with or without an RTOS.

CMX is constantly adding new processors, for more information please contact us.

On Chip USB controllers:
Most Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 processors; Atmel: AT91SAM9xxx, AT91RM9200, AVR32; Freescale: iMX2x, 3x, 5x, MPC834x, JM60/128, MCF52xx, 5222x, 5225x, 5227x, 53xx, 54xx; Microchip: PIC24, PIC32; NXP: 23xx, 24xx, 29xx, 31xx, 32xx; Renesas: RX100, RX600.

External USB controllers:
NXP ISP1XXX and Maxim 3421E

Mass Storage

CMX-USBH-MS is designed for connecting USB mass storage devices to an embedded USB Host controller and allows a standard sector-based FAT file system to be connected to a USB mass storage device. CMX-USBH-MS supports multiple volumes and flash drives and is compatible with all CMX FAT file systems.

CDC Class

The CMX-USBH-CDC-ACM enables the designer to provide a virtual USB serial port on the embedded target which acts as a standard serial port and can be accessed using simple, serial API functions. CMX-USBH-CDC is optimized to use minimal RAM and ROM and requires just the control channel endpoint and a single interrupt endpoint.

CMX-USBH-CDC-ECM is an Ethernet Control Model driver handling the exchange of Ethernet framed data between a USB Host and Device.

CMX-USBH-CDC-EEM is the Ethernet Emulation Model class driver implementation for simplified networking over USB.

CMX-USBH-CDC-OBEX provides support for the Object Exchange protocol intended for transmitting data objects between devices.

HID Class

CMX-USBH-HID Class driver provides support for Human Interface Devices such as a mouse, keyboard and joystick. Descriptor parser included.

Audio Class

The CMX-USBH-AUD Audio Class driver supplies a wide range of audio functions for embedded USB Hosts supporting USB speakers and / or microphones. Supporting both TYPE I ( PCM/PCM8) and TYPE II ( MPEG ) stream formats, CMX-USBH-AUD provides sample rate adjustment for the audio device rate, volume and mute control, graphic equalizer, loudness, bass boost, input terminal ( IT ) of streaming type for playback, and output terminal ( OT ) for recording. Processing features provided include; up/down mix, Dolby Prologic, 3D stereo extender, reverb, chorus, compression and processing unit extension. CMX-USBH-AUD also includes a mixer unit, line in or microphone selection and AF Version 1 (full speed).

MIDI Class

The CMX-USBH-MIDI class driver is available for embedded USB host designs which implement the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) protocol.

Printer Class

The CMX-USBH-PL class driver enables USB printers to be attached to an embedded host which generates pages in the PCL5 format.

FTDI Class

The CMX-USBH-FTDI driver is available for embedded designs which include FTDI USB to Serial converter devices.

Hub Class

CMX-USBH-HUB provides support for the connection of one or more external USB hubs to the Host system.

Remote Network Driver Interface (RNDIS)

CMX-USBH-RNDIS is a class driver option providing RNDIS host functionality for an embedded target.

Media Transfer Protocol

The CMX-USBH-MTP class driver enables users to implement MTP host functionality and access MTP enabled devices. A user-friendly API is provided for accessing the connected MTP devices. Since MTP is an extension of PTP, PTP devices can also be accessed using CMX-USBH-MTP.


CMX-USBH-Pictbridge is a USB Add-On option which, when used in conjunction with CMX-USB-MTP, allows images to print directly from an image source without the need for a PC. This option also includes XML parser for encoding and decoding PictBridge protocol objects.

USB Host Bootloader

CMX-USBH-BL Host Bootloader provides the ability to update your product from a flash drive. With a footprint of less than 12K for code and under 2K RAM, the Host Bootloader is installed as a permanent bootstub and based on the developers' design, CMX-USBH-BL can automatically check the flash drive for a new image and upload it to the target.


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